This page contains questions that are commonly asked by our users. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact us.

How do I use College TV Ticket?OpenClose
Watching your program is designed to be an easy process. Complete steps 1, 2 and 3, then enjoy. Step 1) Select a "Live" or "Archived" (pre-recorded) from the schedule tabs at the top of your page. Step 2) Make your event selection by clicking "Watch". If the game is more than one day in the future, you can set an email reminder. Step 3) Log on or register. The player page will automatically start. If it is not a free event, you will be prompted to purchase either an annual "Season Ticket", a monthly subscription or a single game pass. A portion of every subscription is paid directly to the school you choose. 1, 2, 3, ENJOY!
How do I find the event I want to see?OpenClose
First, decide whether you'd like to watch the event live. If the event ended more than four 4 hours ago, you can view it by clicking the "Archive" tab at the top of the page.

"Live" will display games for today or some point in the future.

"Archive" will display games that were played today or sometime in the past. Rember, archived games will not play until a minimum of 4 hours past the scheduled start time.
Is the site free?OpenClose
All schedule functions are free. You can look up any game or event for any participating school. Whether or not the event you wish to view is free depends on the school that is broadcasting it. Some events may be viewed for free, while others require a paid subscription. If you choose to subscribe, a portion of the fee is donated to a school of your choice. A green "$" will display on the schedule if the the event requires a paid subscription to view it.
Does the school benefit from the subscription?OpenClose
The school that you choose at the time you subscribe will receive a portion of your subscription. In addition, you are provided a link which will allows you the option to make an additional donation to the school.
How much of my subscription is paid to the school I select?OpenClose
Currently, we pay the school you designate 30 percent of your gross subscription or game pass fee.
How do I get the game to play on my computer?OpenClose
First, this service requires a broad band connection. Once you have successfully registered your subscription or logged in (if you have previously subscribed) the site will remember the game you have chosen from the schedule. That game or event will automatically begin playing on the embedded Media Player.

College TV Ticket uses the Adobe player with a JW skin. This high quality player is free, and is already installed on 99% of PCs.

For Mac users including iPhone and iPad, use Safari. The game will automatically play. No download or installation is necessary.
I am using a MAC. Can I watch the video?OpenClose
College TV Ticket uses JW Premium player with Adobe Flash core. The H.264 video renders a sharp picture and is compatible with Safari and Google Chrome as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is designed to work with all newer generation MACs. Before your event starts, please click on the "Demo" link to make sure your player is installed and set up correctly. We have tested in Windows Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. iPhone and iPads use their native player.
How can I change the picture size?OpenClose
If you want the picture to be larger or smaller, you can click the button labeled "Variable Size Player". This will start a free floating Player that allows you to drag the lower right corner in or out in order to infinitely scale the picture to a desired size.
Do you send reminders for future games or events?OpenClose
You can select games from the schedule that will be played in the future. Simply, log if you have not already done so, then click on "Set reminder". You will receive an email one day prior to the scheduled event. Sometimes game times will change on game day, so double check the schedule shortly before game time. We also send a message on Tweeter about an hour before game time.
Does College TV Ticket webcast both home and away games?OpenClose
Individual colleges and universities produce their games. Most home games will be webcast. Occasionally, the schools will produce a game at the opposing team's venue. If the away game is being played at an opposing school that also webcasts through College TV Ticket, the game will will appear an your school's schedule and will be webcast.
My screen is black and there is no sound, what should I do.OpenClose
If you log into a game very shortly prior to game time, you may receive a black screen or "Can't load..." if the transmission has not yet begun. Check the time and click the player start button or the browser refresh button a little closer to game time. If it is still does not find the video, or if the transmission is disrupted at the venue, periodicly refresh your browser until you receive the webcast feed.
What is the privacy policy on viewer registration information?OpenClose
We respect your privacy. This information is never sold or shared with any third party. College TV Ticket will not solicit you for products or services. If you have logged in to watch a regular season or conference championship game, the producing school or conference will have access to your information. College TV Ticket will only use your information for: 1) statistical purposes 2) to contact you if you request help in solving a technical problem 3) to refund a subscription fee for canceled webcasts
Can I order a DVD of a game?OpenClose
College TV Ticket is only licensed to webcast events live and on demand from our game archive files. The owner of the game rights, the school or conference would have to grant permission to an individual or a vender. For NCAA championship events, the NCAA owns the exclusive rights and they would have to grant permission for those games.
I forgot my passwordOpenClose
If you have forgotten your password, simply click the "I've forgotten my password" link on the login page. It s right under the "password" field. The system will send a message to your registered email account that contains a special link. Click the link and you will be taken to a page that allows you to choose a new password.
I want to change my passwordOpenClose
Login and click on the "My Account" link. Next, click on "Change Password".
Can I watch on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?OpenClose
Our system webcasts compatible video to all Apple and Android mobile devices that render HLS video. Play will not start until you click the arrow in the center of the viewing area.
My iPhone and iPad work fine at home, but not away from home.OpenClose
Some schools do not have sufficient bandwidth to transmit a high quality stream for WIFI connected devices and an additional low bandwidth stream for 3G connected devices. If you are attempting to view on a 3G connection and the picture buffers and/or reverts to just audio after a few seconds, you will know that the school is sending a WIFI only signal.
Will CTVT webcasts play on my Droid?OpenClose
Many Android operating systems now support HLS video, however, unlike Apple, there is no consistency between operating systems and device hardware therefore we can not guarantee compatibility on all Android devices.
How can I report a problem or a job well done to the production crew?OpenClose
You can report a condition directly to the production crew during a live event. Simply click on the "Trouble/Feedback" button located on your player page. Check the appropriate boxes and hit "Submit". Your response will immediately be available either directly to the production crew or the Sports Information Director. If a problem is reported, it will be corrected as quickly as possible.
What is the best way to view games on a Mac?OpenClose
Use your Safari browser. Our system will automatically detect Safari on a Mac and the games will play on your native video player. There is nothing to download or install.
Can I use Firefox or Chrome browsers on my Mac?OpenClose
You can use Chrome or Safari on your Mac. Firefox does not support some HTML5 rendering used by the CTVT system.
The screen is white on Windows Safari.OpenClose
Safari for WINDOWS is not optimized for our system. Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome if you are viewing on a WINDOWS PC.

For Mac users, Safari is the best way to view.
Safari on my Mac shows player control, "Loading" blinks, but no picture.OpenClose
On some Macs, usually older ones, this behavior will occur. First try restarting your computer. If that does not help, you need to use an alternate browser such as a current version of the Google Chrome browser.
Picture shows up for a few seconds and then goes blank with only sound.OpenClose
This can be caused by several reasons. If you are watching on a 3G cell connection there may be insufficient bandwidth to carry the video.

If you are connected on WIFI, make sure the latest version of Adobe Flash is installed. Click the banner at the top right of the page to install the latest version

If Flash has been updated and you are experiencing problems, go to the "Demo" on our home page. If this demo looks choppy or disappears, right click in the picture area. Choose "Settings", click on the icon that looks like a computer screen and if "Enable Hardware Acceleration" is checked, try unchecking it. Hardware Acceleration causes conflicts on some systems.
Blue background with a spinning circle, says "loading" but doesn't.OpenClose
This behavior is normally caused by an older version of Windows Internet Explorer not being compatible with our modern player code.

The remedy is to either update your IE or switch to the Google Chrome browser. If you do not have a current Chrome browser, go to Google, search Chrome download, run and install. This should only take about 3 minutes.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, either will play the video natively with no problems.